Le Ngoc Quynh Nhu

Graphic Designer

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Hello, My name is Quynh Nhu, I am a graphic designer with over 1 year of experience. From studying to diverse practical experiences, I have engaged with both fundamental concepts and advanced techniques. My advantage is that I work quite hard and always meet deadlines on time. In the future, I hope to become a Senior Graphic Designer. I believe continuous commitment and effort will help me achieve this goal.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

Toast Canvas: Remote Motion Graphic (12/2023-02/2024). Receive briefs and files, then create motion videos for agencies. Dreams Tree Organization: Graphic Designer (01/2023-01/2024). Design publications for communication purposes on Fanpage, Website, propose design styles, main colors for Fanpage. LIM Production Agency: Graphic Designer (10/2022-12/2022). Responsible for handling print files for events along with the Client and Account team. The Sven: Freelancer Graphic Designer (08/2022-Present). Get and brainstorm design ideas for Brand shirts and posters on social platforms. Tram Tabo: Sale Online (02/2019-09/2022): Together with the sales team, consulting and customer care in communication channels Graphic Designer (04/2022-09/2022): Support and come up with ideas to update the design trends of Banners, Posters for Brand

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Toast Canvas

Vị trí: Remote Motion Graphic

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